The following are the typical cases where commas are to be used on Tuts+. Consider each example carefully.

Lists of items:

  • Moderate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills are required.
  • You’ll need a pair of scissors, two rolls of tape, and a trash bag.

Between adjectives:

  • Click the round, blue button in the corner.
  • The end result should be a gorgeous, hand-crafted typeface.

Before conjunctions linking independent clauses:

  • I want to learn JavaScript, but I’m still working on HTML and CSS.
  • There are many ways to build a website, so do your research and choose wisely.

After introductory words or phrases:

  • Before we begin, let's review what we learned last week.
  • This is not, however, always going to be the case.

Around non-essential clarifying phrases:

  • HTML, the backbone of the web, is a markup language.
  • Vector artwork, which is infinitely scaleable, is ideal for icon design.

Dates and addresses:

  • The new site will launch on 1 January, 2015.
  • The conference will take place in Phoenix, Arizona.

Addressing someone directly:

  • Chris, when did you first learn CSS?
  • We’re asking you, our readers, to vote for your favorite design.