Quotes and Speech Marks

You should use double quotes in body text for direct quotations. For quotes longer than a few sentences, use a blockquote (see below).

You should use single quotes in headlines, for unusual terms, or when a quotation includes a further quote. For instance:

  • The Adobe CEO noted that, “Most people aren't worried about the lack of Flash. They say, ‘I rarely used it anyway’. However, the statistics prove otherwise.”

Punctuation that is part of the quoted sentence should be placed inside of the quotation marks. Punctuation that is not part of the quoted sentence should be placed outside of the quotation marks. Colons and semicolons are always placed outside.

  • What is the launch date of this new “game changer”?
  • The Apple spokesperson revealed nothing, remarking, “We don’t comment on future products.”
  • The rumor mill has three guesses regarding these “future products”: a television, a watch, and iOS 7.

Blockquotes and Asides

Blockquotes should be used when referencing text from elsewhere, and are shown as a full-width element on a page.

Aside tags were previously used used for repeating content that already appears somewhere in the text (shown as a right-aligned chunk of copy), but going forward, we're phasing these out completely. As a general rule, we should not be repeating content in an article or tutorial for added emphasis.